Hike with Oreo

Date: 12/28/22
Training Day: Week 8, Day 3
Miles: 1.6 (easy hike)
Mobility/Stretching: Nah, and my hips are feeling tight
Ate Well: Nope, and my pants are getting tight

Commentary: My husband loves to golf. His buddy from high school who works too much and has no life also likes to golf. During the 2020 holiday break, we all met in Mesquite, NV for a couple days of golf. This year, we decided to do it again. Except for this time, I opted to hike and possibly run instead of riding around in golf carts with them.

The sky this morning made us think golf might not happen today, but the storm dissipated quickly.

I absolutely love hanging out with my husband while he golfs, and he loves me hanging around. His friend is a great guy. But there’s only so much of the two of them I can take when they’re drinking, and they planned to golf four days in a row. No, thank you! After faffing around at our campsite for a few hours this morning, I dropped my husband off at the golf course with his friend and bid them adieu.

Oreo is such a good copilot.

Their tee time was later than I expected, so I didn’t leave until almost 11:30am. With sunset at 4:19pm, that didn’t give me much daylight to explore. The cat and I made our way to Lake Mead National Recreation Area. I picked a short and easy hike because I wanted to take fuzz face with me. My husband and I want to take her backpacking with us in the summer, so I thought it wise to test her out on the trails.

A gorgeous day greeted us at the trailhead. I donned shorts and a tank top and put the harness on Oreo. We started off without the leash since nobody was about. She trotted along with me nicely, but she didn’t seem to be enjoying herself like she does on our campsite wanderings.

She got tired of following me, so she meowed to get me to stop, then rushed past me to take the lead.

Our destination was the St. Thomas Ruins, and we were a mere quarter-mile away when she started yowling at me. I stopped and waited for her. She padded up to me, looked up, meowed, turned around, and started heading back. I guess we’re done… When Oreo decided it was time to turn around we’d made it 0.8 miles and it was a wee toasty out. And she’s almost 14, so I can’t blame her.

She did just as good on her leash as off it.

Her pace slowed a bit until we came across a family of three also on their way back to the trailhead, so I used that opportunity to attach the leash. Oreo trotted right up to them, and at the last second veered off down the trail. Every once in a while she’d look back as if to check to see if they were behind us. She paused on the side of the trail for a break, and the family passed us. Almost like she was trying to prove herself, she got up and briskly followed after them.

Someone needed a break!

Oreo must have outdone herself because she plopped herself in the shade 0.1 miles from the end. I let her rest, but after five minutes I picked her up and started hiking with her in my arms. She put up with it for a bit, then her pride got the best of her. She squirmed until I set her down. My prideful cat trudged up the hill and promptly flopped on the gravel in the shade of the van.

Oreo, exhausted.

As a reward for her efforts, I busted out the wet cat food. My advanture cat earned it! She scarfed down her food, lapped up some water, and retreated to her cubby hole by the bed. My poor kitten was worn out! And I must say, I am one proud cat momma.

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