Holiday hormones

Date: 11/28/22
Training Day: Week 7, Day 7
Mobility/Stretching: Nope
Ate Well: Of course not, it’s Christmas!

Commentary: “Merry f–king Christmas!” said my hormones on this fine holiday morning. I started my day with hurt feelings, anger, and uncontrollable tears that left me wondering who I was and what was going on. Oh yeah. My period starts tomorrow. As I lamented my PMS woes to my friend and how being a woman is lame sometimes, she hit me back with this gem of a quote that had me rolling:

Being a woman is not for the faint of heart. That’s why men aren’t women.

My friend, Lisa

My hormones didn’t always meddle with me so intensely. For most of my life, PMS was something that happened to other women I empathized and sympathized with. These past couple of years the horror stories randomly became reality. They don’t plague me every cycle, which I am grateful for, but the frequency with which these emotional forays appear is increasing. Maybe I’ll be lucky and menopause will strike early.

Trying not to let my hormones get me down, I opened up good ol’ WordPress to tap away at some thoughts. A lovely comment from Xina was waiting for me that made me smile and gave me warm fuzzies. Thank you again!

My pops.

For a bit, I waffled over whether to run or walk today. I should run, but I don’t feel like it. A walk is better than nothing! But I need to run – I have a 50k in a month! Then I looked at my dad with his chair facing the almost-picture window in the living room. Initially, he was watching the critters snack on the trays of cat food on the front porch. As the critters dispersed, he turned his focus to the steam coming up from the porch and the water from melting snow dripping off the roof. He was perfectly content enjoying the little things and the beauty of nature.

In an effort to be more like my dad, I turned my focus to the little things that are good in life. Really though, I suppose they are not so little. My dad is still alive and well. He has an amazing girlfriend who takes great care of him and is an absolute sweetheart and fabulous cook. I have a supportive, adventurous husband who might not be perfect but is perfect for me. My adorable cat is healthy and equally adventurous. I am in a cabin in the mountains, surrounded by trees and sunshine. Life is good, hormones and all.

The walk didn’t happen. I got distracted watching a movie with my dad, then stuffed myself like a Thanksgiving turkey. Oh well. I don’t feel bad about my lack of activity. I don’t feel guilty about overeating. In fact, I feel perfectly content enjoying a lazy Christmas with my family.

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  1. I am so saving that quote!…yeah, if guys had the biology that your end of world has all thetime….but happy christmas..I finally ran after 16 days of stressing out…a visit with the parents went okay yesterday..have no idea what the future holds, am trying to stay close my inner calm…

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    • Congratulations on the run! I bet it felt good. Also glad to hear the visit with your folks went alright. It is hard as they get older. My dad isn’t the same guy he used to be, and only because of old age.


  2. Aww bless you lovely . My pleasure . As for those pesky hormones my god ain’t they a bitch. I’m one week off being menopausal and it’ll be a whole year since good ole mother fucking nature visited me . I think my runs have been super affected by all the emotions hormones etc etc . Many a time I’ve swore at myself while running and it’s felt hard ( I must look hilarious swearing at myself out loud ) so much so that I end up walking then I end up stropping like a toddler having a tantrum because it ruined my run . Then I remembered weather it’s a walk or a run we’ve got up we’ve got outside and we actually did something ……… ( says me who’s currently on the sofa after practically snorting cheese and crackers and feeling festively plump and missing running 🤣🤦‍♀️) Xx

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    • I adore you! A running friend of mine is going through menopause as well and was off her meds and absolutely miserable. At least I have something to look forward to, lol 😂. And yes, moving is better than not moving, but sometimes not moving happens. Can’t say I blame you with the cheese and crackers! That’s one of my favorite meals, hahaha.

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      • Yup. Tho I’m not on hrt everytime I booked an appointment to see a doctor about it they would cancel . So I just take ashwagandha , black cohosh . Alongside , b12. Collagen and magnesium and it deffo helps me . Stops me having Brain fog and also stops the old body from always feeling run down . Oh it’s such a joy being a woman isn’t it 🤣🤣🤣 NOT 🤦‍♀️🤣. It’s only in this last year it’s been more full on and I’m sure that’s why running is kinda getting affected tho I keep refusing to admit I’m getting old I’m only 48 …


      • I’m already taking most of that stuff, so I guess I’m ready for it, lol. I’d still rather be a woman than have a nut sack stuck my leg my whole life 😂

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      • Yup you sure are and it’s a good idea to … haaa me too lovely me too … mind you I call it MANopause I swear men add to it and make it worse 🤣🤣

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