Date: 12/24/22
Training Day: Week 7, Day 6
Miles: 3.2 (walk)
Ate Well: Nope. Chocolate for breakfast. Sigh.

Commentary: When we visit my dad and his girlfriend, we sleep in my old room. Except it’s not mine anymore, it’s his girlfriend’s. My full-sized bedframe with intricate metal curls filling the headboard and footboard are long gone. The white (well, they were white once upon a time) curtains with little purples that I accidentally lit on fire once with a candle no longer hang around the windows. None of this bothers me, but the queen-sized bed that replaced mine still seems massive, like it’s trying to put distance between me and my husband.

Steamy road and golden rays of sunshine on my walk.

Anyway, as I crawled into not-my-bed, my chest felt a wee congested. The constant battle of exercising in the winter and maintaining my health is getting on my nerves. I feel like I’m on the verge of illness from the time the temperature drops until it warms up again. My husband commented on how excited I once was to move back west to the snow and real winters, and how now I fantasize about turning into a snowbird and heading south as soon as the mercury drops.

At first, I thought, am I getting old? Am I not tough enough for winters anymore? What happened to me?! I think back to the 2020/2021 winter and how much fun I had. We could go snowshoeing when it was so cold I thought my eyeballs were freezing and all was well. What happened to that girl?! Then I remember. COVID. I want to be bitter about COVID, but instead, I get bitter about work because we could be snowbirds if I wasn’t working. I mean, I can’t change the fact that I had COVID, but I could quit my job. One day.

I’m curious as to how the vacuum cleaner got stuck in the tree…

Today I felt le-thaaa-gic. Is it because I slept almost ten hours? Is it because of my nonstop battle with the bugs (sick bugs, not real ones, at least not that I know of)? Is it because I ate a bunch of chocolate before bed and then for breakfast? Whatever the reason, I went for a walk instead of a run. A run might have done me more good, but I couldn’t convince myself to move that fast. I likely won’t get 50 miles of running for December, which means no Garmin badge for me. It’s better to let go of a digital badge than to run myself into full-blown sickness. Sigh.

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  1. Take care of yourself lovely. Mentally and physically. I totally get what you mean . And as for the Garmin badge , well we all love a Garmin badge …lol those pesky things tend to rule us . 🤣🤣. This is my first Christmas Day I won’t be running , I’m struggling but lately my one shin had been a bit of a pain so I’m not running now till new year. Resting from running is so bloody hard isn’t it . But in order for us to be better and not make ourselves worse we have to be strict sometimes. Wishing you a happy Christmas 🎄

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