Must fuel properly

Dates: 6/6/22 – 6/12/22
Training Week: 27
Miles: 34.7
Lost Souls Routes: 9
Total Lost Souls Routes: 17

Commentary: I’m not sure if it’s because the weather is nice and I can do things outside again, or running for fun (and Lost Souls routes!) instead of training, but I am in a much better mood these days! Even folks at work noticed my improved mood and said I seem to be back to my old self. Yay!

Before the COVID put a wrench in my training plans, I had signed up for the Zion 50k. I ended up deferring the race because I didn’t think I’d be ready. Well, I just used the deferral to sign up for the Zion 100k! The cutoff time is a generous 21 hours, which means I only have to average about a 20 min/mi to finish. Piece of cake!

I typically don’t run with others for a couple of reasons. The timing doesn’t work out. They run faster or slower than me, and I’d rather keep my own pace than feel imaginary pressure to keep a different pace. This weekend I knocked off some of the Lost Souls routes with other people. Both days involved some steep uphill climbs. Even though we were hiking and not running up those climbs, I still pushed myself way harder than I would have on my own. Pushing myself isn’t the worst thing I could do, but on the second day I could feel it. But I don’t think it was just the steep climbs I felt.

Tried to get in a Lost Souls route after work, but ran the wrong half of the road. It was a good workout though!

On long runs I bring Accelerade with me for my fuel/nutrition, along with a couple of fig bars in case I get hungry. Like an idiot, I only brought fig bars on the steep climb days. And because I was with other folks, I pushed myself harder than I normally would and needed the extra fuel I failed to bring.

At first I cursed myself for running with other people and vowed never to do it again. Then I thought maybe it was a fueling problem. Before I give up running Lost Souls routes with folks I want to try another group run with the proper fuel.

Look at the happy group of folks ready for a crazy run!

Sunday I planned on knocking out a few more routes, but when I got back from the group run on Saturday I was whooped. The rest of Saturday consisted of an Epsom salt bath, a nap, and lots of relaxing. Sunday is now a laundry and rest day. And boy do I need it! My calves are stupid sore, my lungs aren’t happy with me, and I’m just plain tired. It’s also raining today, so I don’t feel bad for not getting outside!

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  1. I like running with bigger groups, then I can pick who and at what pace I want to go…and even like this morning, 3 people way stronger then me, they went a head, but I still had to get out of the comfort zone, and ended with a great run…..solo, I always go harder, even on my recovery days…..variety…and yeah, 100K… !

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    • I’ll probably be doing more runs with people for the Lost Souls routes because the snakes are out in full force, lol. The fast folks can go ahead of me and scare off the snakes!

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  2. While I enjoy a good chat on a good run, I also like to run alone for the same reasons.
    I used to run with a guy who was my age but a better athlete. That was great because he always made me work harder than I would have if I ran alone.
    Fig bars are great fuel. They are cheaper than gels, won’t melt like a chocolate bar and my stomach tolerates them 100% of the time.

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    • Most of the folks I ran with run together on a regular basis, so they were all chatting and catching up. Most of the time I basically ran by myself but with other people around, lol. It was still a good time though!


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