Lost Souls Trailblazer Challenge

Dates: 5/30/22 – 6/5/22
Training Week: 26
Miles: 27.9

Commentary: This week I officially started my data analytics certificate program! And I finished the first course! So far I think this is something I might really enjoy, and it’s kind of related to my degree, so I’m hoping that will help me when it comes time to look for a job.

As far as running and training, this was an awesome fucking week! The local trail running club puts on the Lost Souls Trailblazer Challenge each year. There are about 70 different routes within about an hour drive of Idaho Falls. If you complete ten you get a Trailblazer certificate. If you get 50 then you get a Lost Souls certificate. There is also a bingo game. Each bingo letter is different area, and each symbol on the bingo card represents something you have to do. It started on May 23rd, but because of the 30k I didn’t get any routes in the first week.

On Tuesday I worked from town, so I decided to run one of the routes close to my building. My legs were still ridiculously sore from the race! I hobbled for the 2.5 miles of the route and was grateful I hadn’t picked a longer route for that day. Wednesday and Thursday I knocked out a route a day. On Friday I got two done, and for one of them I did the bingo card challenge of running while carrying water in a nontraditional container. For two miles I ran while carrying water in my backpacking cooking pot!

Running with a water in a pot is not easy!

On Saturday I took the day off because I was feeling like a slug, but Sunday I hit it hard knocked out three routes! I combined two of them into a long run, and the third one was half hiking and half running.

The first route wasn’t all that exciting, but the loop off of it was quite enjoyable.

The race may have given me confidence in my trail running abilities, but this Lost Souls Challenge is giving me motivation to get out there and run. First, it gives me something to work towards other than just getting in miles for training. Second, I get to explore new places which makes running more exciting. Even planning the logistics and when I can do what route makes it more fun. Oh, and the bingo adds a whole other level of fun! Third, when I’m doing a route I’m not at all concerned with my pace or how many miles I’m getting in or how much time it’s taking me.

There’s a big “R” on the side of the butte for Rexburg.

The Lost Souls Challenge couldn’t have started at a better time. I’ve had so much fun completing routes that I’m actually looking forward to the weekends I’m not going out of town! In fact, my husband and I were supposed to go out of town this weekend, but neither of us were feeling it. And I have no regrets!

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  1. your blog is sounding more and more positive..and I love your take on lawns…ours is in ruff shape, and am thinking of doing the same, at least in the backyard where no one else can see….just let it grow and see if that helps

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