More routes!

Dates: 6/13/22 – 6/19/22
Training Week: 28
Miles: 31.6
Lost Souls Routes: 8
Total Lost Souls Routes: 26

Commentary: Tuesday morning I met with a few ladies to do a couple of Lost Souls routes. Two of the ladies were in much better shape than me and ran up the hills with ease, disappearing out of sight. The lady I ended up walking and running with is in her 60s. Thankfully she was there or I would have felt super lame bringing up the rear by myself. But make no mistake, this lady is a badass! While we ran she was working on her 47th route and later that morning she finished her 50th route!

Wednesday morning I took to the hills all by my lonesome to get a couple of routes in. I started at first light, and man do I still love running at sunrise! The run/hike was so gorgeous, and the views were magnificent. I had so much fun feeling like I was on top of the world! I also learned how Trail of Bones got its name.

Wednesday evening was the coronation run for the guy who hit 50 Lost Souls routes first. I really wanted to go to not only get a few routes in, but see my realtor get crowned King of the Lost Souls. Instead I stayed home and packed for my weekend trip to Wisconsin. The plan was to leave work Thursday night and drive to Boise, sleep at the rest area, and head to the airport at the butt crack of dawn Friday morning.

All was going according to plan until I woke up to my alarm at 3:15am to text messages from my sister and mom saying one of their flights had been canceled. Because of this, my mom scrapped the whole trip. I put my earplugs back in, slid my Buff back over my eyes and slept for a few more hours before starting the drive back home.

Finally downloaded my digital certificate!

Although it’s not really anybody’s fault, I was pretty annoyed at the change of plans. I wasn’t exactly excited to go to Wisconsin, but I had plans. Then all of sudden I’m losing a day of my three-day weekend to driving for no reason. Well, obviously there was a reason. I had to get home, but you know what I mean.

Our “why is this still steep” faces.

The weekend wasn’t a total loss though because it gave me the opportunity to knock out more routes! Yes, I am obsessed. Saturday morning this chick Abby and I shuttled two routes, and then did one more out-and-back route together. It was a fairly toasty day, so we were both fantasizing about jumping in the lake after our third and final route. But of course, as soon as we get down to the lake the sun disappears behind a blanket of the clouds and wind starts howling. We made it about thigh-deep and called it good.

This is my favorite trail so far because it is very runnable. And next time I’m bringing a fishing pole!

The idea for today was to knock out a route, do some fishing, and then knock out another route. All of this was this was to take place in the same area, and it seemed like a good and efficient plan. I wanted to start early enough that it was still cold, which meant that if I ran into danger noodles they would likely be too lethargic to be threatening.

Last year I got lost bushwhacking to the cairn. This year I found it no problem! But I did get a tick thanks to the bushwhacking.

I got my early start and didn’t see a single danger noodle! Hooray! My husband met me at the river, and even though it was only 8:30am, the wind had already started and the temperature wasn’t really rising. After about 20 minutes of casting we both decided it was too cold and windy and went home and made breakfast.

I had all intentions of going back out for another route this afternoon. But as I listen to the wind howl I have decided an Epsom bath would be much more enjoyable. I shall continue to tackle Lost Souls routes tomorrow!

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