So strong!

Date: 4/13/22
Training Day: 129
Activity: Max Strength

How It Felt: Amazing! I felt so strong during the workout.

Commentary: I did a quick 15-minute jog on the treadmill before my workout to get some steps in (gotta get 10k a day!). Whenever I walk on the treadmill I usually don’t put shoes on and just pitter patter in my bare feet. I have been doing the same thing when I jog and walk for steps for short periods of time. It finally hit me that even this minimal amount of purely barefoot bipedal motion is why my tootsies are a wee sore these days. I might be slow, but I’m not stopped.

The weight for my deadlifts started getting too heavy to hold, so I finally invested in lifting straps. Best $15 I ever spent! It doesn’t feel like there’s any additional pressure on my wrists, but it is so much easier to hold the bar. And I deadlifted 180 lbs for two reps!

I must say, I am quite impressed with the Volt Athletics app so far. I am so much stronger than I was last year, and with only three workouts a week instead of six. The training is so flexible, and I’m still amazed at how I’m progressing. I’m sure some personal trainers are worth the money, but I am more than pleased with my results for $99/year.

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