Yoga, finally

Date: 2/7/22
Training Day: 64
Activity: Yoga – Hip hip hooray!

How It Felt: It was a short practice, but I’m glad I finally got some yoga in. My hips are pretty happy about it too.

Commentary: I haven’t been doing all that great with my yoga-once-a-week goal. Even though I almost always enjoy yoga, and my body feels so much better when I practice regularly, it has been hard to get myself to do it. I plan on it, then when the time comes I get that feeling, the feeling I get when I’m depressed and can’t bring myself to do something I enjoy.

Instead of tots I had hash browns for dinner. And that’s vegan sausage, in case you were you were wondering.

This morning I finally did it despite a minor setback. I’m not a fan of the bright ceiling light in my yoga room. I had my old light up alarm setup in the corner so I wouldn’t have to use the ceiling light. It shit itself this morning, and I was forced to stare at god’s flashlight while in any supine position.

Messing around with the light wasted time, and I almost gave up because I no longer had 35 minutes to do the yoga video I had picked for the morning. But instead of giving up, I chose a 20-minute video. My 20-minute yoga practice this morning might not seem like much, but it was a huge accomplishment for me.

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