I have ragrets

Date: 1/28/22
Training Day: 54
Activity: Strength – Strength Capacity

How It Felt: This was a tough workout! The weights were heavy, and I had to give it my all to knock out all the reps. It Felt good though!

Commentary: Back when we bought this house I wanted to set up a home gym. I was constantly perusing Facebook Marketplace for strength training equipment and furniture. At one point I saw a barbell and plates for sale.

It was a standard bar, not an olympic bar, but I figured it would get the job done. I used Wednesday for the first time and realized I needed some smaller plates to achieve the prescribed weight in my workouts.

It was fuggin’ cold today, and I had to spend time outside to work on a surveying lab (featured image). It was sooooo cold!

Between two different stores my husband and I got all the plates I needed. Then we discovered they didn’t fit on the sleeves of the barbell. WTF?! I went back to the store to see if they had a barbell the weights would fit in, but they only had the stupid ones with the screw ends which I hate.

I started to have regrets about buying a standard barbell that was anything but standard. I wouldn’t have had this problem with an olympic bar. Sigh. At this point I’d have to spend over $500 to get an olympic set. There had to be another way!

My sweet new setup! Notice the blinds are intact…

Around this time it dawned on me that I should probably have a rack for bench presses. I went on Facebook Marketplace and found a bench/rack with a standard barbell and weights. I picked everything up and was happy with everything but the barbell! It seemed flimy and incapable of holding 100 lbs.

On the Amazon I found a barbell to fit my needs and ordered it. I also looked up the capacity of my the bar in my Body Pump weight set – 100 lbs! For my workout today I used the Body Pump bar, and it, along with my new bench and rack, worked great.

I’m an idiot.

I, on the other hand, need a little practice taking the plates off the bar. At the gym the bars and racks are so wide you can add and remove weights as you please. This is not the case with my home gym. Twice I took a plate off one end and had the other end crash down with the empty end flailing through the air. I even broke our window blinds!

Anyway, as long as the barbell I ordered is the size it’s advertised to be, all will be well. And it’s waaaaay more affordable than getting an olympic set.

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  1. I have worked out at home, and I have liked it. but I had a pretty bad experience with a weight that was too heavy and no one at home to spot me….I liked the convivence, and I kind of like the social settings, the feel of a gym, and also decided that no matter how much money I spent, I couldn’t match the options a gym gave me…..but for those days that you just can’t and with COVID handy to have

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    • I agree, the gym is much more convenient and has a lot more options for the price you pay. My problem is the folks that go wearing an unreasonable amount of perfume and cologne. I couldn’t stand it anymore and stopped going.


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