Happy with myself

Date: 1/26/22
Training Day: 52
Activity: Strength – Strength Capacity

How It Felt: The workout itself was good, and I felt strong. But it was also stressful because because I used my heavier duty barbell for the first time, which I bought used, and I had a hell of a time getting the plates on.

Commentary: One of the main reasons I got rid of my running coach was because my training plan wasn’t personalized enough. I listened to different podcasts with running coaches talking about how they personalize their clients training plan according to what’s going on in their life, and I wanted that. But I wasn’t willing to spend the money required to get it.

Instead I decided to figure it out on my own. It’s only Week 3 of training, and although I won’t know how well I did as my own coach until race day, I’m happy with myself so far.

The painting that caused me to skip my run today. I wanted a Ganesha painting for my yoga room, and now I have one!

During vacation I only did my hard runs because I was hiking so much. This morning, I skipped a run because I did a paint nite last night and got to bed late. I need to get my strength workout in after work, so run today. I’m adjusting my training to fit my life, and it feels good.

Tomorrow I’ll do the intervals I should have done today. Friday is supposed to be a day off, but paint nite threw off my strength training schedule so now it’s a strength training day. Since it’s not a day off anyway, I might do an easy 30-minute run. The only reason I want to get that run in is so I can hopefully get the Garmin January Running badge (50 miles for the month).

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