On the road!

Date: 1/14/21
Training Day: 41
Activity: Strength – Hypertrophy

How It Felt: Even though I still hate doing side plank with a leg lifted, it was good workout, and I felt strong.

Commentary: I am finally, finally, starting to feel like my normal, constantly semi-tired self instead of the zombie that I was for the past three days. Thank goodness, too, because it’s the first day of vacation!

Ten days of Utah/Arizona fun awaits us! This weekend we’ll be staying with friends, the ones I tried to see this summer and Thanksgiving but didn’t get to. Monday we’ll check out Zion on our way to the Stateline Campground on the UT/AZ border. Tuesday we hike The Wave and Buckskin Gulch. After that we plan to mosey on over to Page, AZ and Lake Powell with no set plans.

Oreo loves sitting on my husband’s lap when we’re driving. I’m a wee jealous, not gonna lie.

Our amazing advanture kitty is with us!I’m so excited for her to run around the desert and explore! She loved being a van cat, with the exception of driving, so I’m hoping she’ll enjoy this vacation as well.

Other than adventuring, I’m also stoked because I’ll be able to run outside! Squeal! The highs are supposed to be in the 50s with the lows in the 30s. My feet cannot wait to pound the ground!

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