Hotel fitness

Date: 12/30/21
Training Day: 25
Activity: Strength – Foundation

How It Felt: Strength training is so much easier than manual labor! It felt good to finally get my workout in, except the hotel gym was hot as balls!

Commentary: I went for a three-mile walk on Tuesday, but I literally didn’t do anything else, so I figured there was no point in writing about it. Yesterday I said goodbye to my dad and his girlfriend and hit the road for home.

I love snow on the trees! It makes me want to move back to Northern California.

The roads were still horrible, and chain requirements were in effect for much of my drive towards I-80. At one point my chains broke. Not completely, but a link on each shit the bed. To save my wheel wells and other car parts in the vicinity, I took them off and drove very carefully.

That had to be a bad day for that truck driver.

Snow storms made parts of I-80 miserable, and by the time I got to Wells, NV I called it a night. It was snowing pretty good, and Hwy 93 wasn’t fun driving during the day on the way to Dad’s, so I can’t imagine it would have been any better in the dark. I popped into the Hampton Inn and got me a room.

I attempted to contain part of the broken chain with pipe cleaner art one of my stepkids left in my car back in 2018, but it didn’t work.

Lucky for me, the hotel had a fitness room, so I was easily able to get my workout in. I wanted to get a quick run in on the treadmill as well, but the scorching temperatures in the fitness made me reconsider. Maybe I’ll run when I get home tonight, but if I’m being honest with myself, probably not.

View from the hotel fitness room this morning.

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    • I made it home late afternoon yesterday! The roads were good until I got closer to home, lol. Yeah, driving in wintery conditions is a bit stressful, which is why I’m having my husband drive me around town today to run errands because I’m so over it!


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