More and less shoveling

Date: 12/27/21
Training Day: 22
Activity: Shoveling snow

How It Felt: My back protested the whole time! And my forearms and hands were getting tired and hurting. Thankfully I didn’t have to shovel as much as yesterday.

Commentary: This morning I woke up and looked outside. I had to do a double take because it didn’t look like we’d shoveled! Upon closer inspection I could see the humps on piled snow along the edge of the driveway. My car, on the other hand, looked like it wanted to be a snow drift for Halloween.

My back and hammies were super sore. I didn’t want to shovel, but I needed to if I plan to leave on Wednesday.

I started digging out my car, which started with clearing the insane amount of snow on my car. It took forever to get my car cleaned off and the snow cleared around it. Then I started on the driveway. I got it cleared to the point where I could back up when a magical man showed up.

One of the neighbors was out on his ATV with a plow blade, clearing the road. He stopped to chat with Dad’s girlfriend, and next thing I knew he was plowing the driveway for us. I thanked him profusely for saving my back. And then I thanked him again.

Machine-powered plows are so much more efficient than human-powered ones.

Girlfriend and I stowed our shovels, went inside, and drank hot apple cider. Then I spent the next 30 minutes stretching and foam rolling. I had planned on doing my strength workout today, but my body would have hated me. So, I’m hoping to get it in tomorrow.

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