Awesome, solo adventure

Date: 9/25/21
Training Days: 13
Miles: 14.75
Shoes: Chacos
Weather: Started off high-40s, ended high 70s

How It Felt: Fucking fantastic!

Commentary: Last night I ate like an asshole. A few of us went to our former boss’ house for a fish fry. I was still a wee full from eating an entire bag of salad and ice cream after my run. But I didn’t let that stop me!

I stuffed three pieces of perfectly fried fish in my face, along with a bratwurst, chips, dip, four cookies, and three beers. I’m surprised the button of my jeans didn’t pop off.

Beached whales, all of us.

Back at the house, my husband and I laid upon the couch like beached whales, in pain and wondering why we’re too stupid to stop eating when we’re full.

I decided I needed to punish myself with a hike. Okay, punish isn’t exactly the right word since I love hiking, but you get the idea. I kept seeing pictures on Foosebook of this beautiful lake I wanted to check out for myself. Fifteen miles and 1,700 feet of elevation gain should help me work off some of that fish fry.

The lower lake.

Before driving to the trailhead, I had to swing by the park I ran at yesterday to see if my heart rate monitor was there. My dumbass took it off at a picnic table and left it there! Luckily, it waited all night for my return.

When I started the hike I estimated it would take me about 5 hours and 15 minutes of hiking to do the whole thing. Add in some fuck off time, and I figured I’d be back at the trailhead in 6 hours and 15 minutes.

The upper lake. Looks tropical.

Starting off it was chilly. I hoofed it just to stay warm. I made it to the first lake in good time, passing two pairs of hikers along the way. I didn’t stop long at the lower lake because I wanted to spend more time at the upper lake.

The upper lake was absolutely gorgeous. I found a little spot on the shore to call my own. After a quick dip in the frigid water, I made lunch. Then I waded through the clay and water to get to a small island. It was quite the endeavor!

After an hour of relaxing and exploring, I packed up and hit the trail. My goal was to average 3 mi/hr for the whole hike (hiking time only). On the downhills I jogged, and I kept a decent pace the rest of the time.

Right before the trailhead I found a nice, sunny spot by the creek. I stripped to my skivvies and soaked my legs in the ice, cold water. It felt sooooo amazing on my legs, like the water froze out all the soreness and tiredness.

Can’t wait to come back with the husband and do some fishing!

I ended up hiking 14.75 miles in 4 hours and 45 minutes! The last seven miles oy took me two hours! Oh yeah!

After the hike I felt fucking amazing. For the first time in ages I did a long, solo hike. I’m grateful for all the wonderful folks I’ve met since moving to Idaho, but doing my own thing by lonesome for a day was pretty fucking nice.

Love those fall colors!

And my Garmin said my training is still productive!

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