I’m back, baby!

Date: 9/27/21
Training Day: 14
Miles: 2.7 (strides)
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Mid 40s

How It Felt: Fucking fantastic!!!

Commentary: The hike yesterday left me a wee sore, but nothing a warmup couldn’t help. The run started off great – managed a ten-minute mile with my heart rate under 150 bpm. And after the strides I did an 11-minute mile.

Performance condition, last week (top) vs this week (bottom).

After the run I looked at my Garmin data, and my performance condition was the best it’s even been for any run. My VO2 max was back up where it was before the canoe trip as well.

It feels like I’m back to previous running fitness already, and it feels good!

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