Almost done (BWCA)

Dates: 9/11/21
BWCA Day: 8
Miles: 5.5 paddling
Portages: 2
Weather: Mostly sunny and breezy to windy

We took our time leaving camp because we didn’t have all that far to paddle. I regretted our leisurely departure because the wind had picked up by the time we left. Some argued it was bad way before we left. Who knows.

Taking it easy before heading out.

At this point, I was ready for the trip to be fucking over with. I lamented our day-early departure and did my best not to be a total stick in the mud.

Because of the wind we started scouting campsites fairly early. But not all campsites are created equal. First, we needed five level-ish spots for all our tents. Then we needed a semi-decent place for the canoes for the evening.

You can’t see him, but there’s a dude at the tip of the point on that island.

At three campsites were a thumbs down before we found a good spot for the night. It was on Horseshoe Island, had a nice little cove for the canoes, and plenty of tent sites.

The lake we were in allows motorized boats, and you could hear the wine of motors all throughout the day. Most of them belonged to outfitters who were transporting canoes and passengers. At one of the portages I jokingly asked one of the outfitters if we could pay them to take us out of the BWCA. They said, “You sure can!”

Since it was the last day, I had to rock the walrus.

Once at the campsite, I searched for plane tickets. I wanted the fuck out of the Boundary Waters. And I wanted to go home, which is uncharacteristic of me on adventures. I also didn’t want to spend over 20 hours cramped in the back seat of a pickup truck. Sadly, none of the ticket times or locations made the cost worth it.

After some swimming and relaxing, the rest of the group took to playing games. I was feeling beyond antisocial, so I hung out in the kitchen area and read. Since I didn’t have anything better to do, I made quesadilla appetizers everyone before getting started on dinner.

Happy campers!

After dinner I was a wee more social. Once the stars came out, three of us paddled to a nearby island for some star gazing. It would have been nice, but the other two were in the midst of a fledgling relationship. I felt like a third wheel and regretted the late-night paddle.

Back at camp I thanked all things holy it was our last night in the Boundary Waters.


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