Zero day (BWCA)

Dates: 9/10/21
BWCA Day: 7
Miles: None!
Portages: None!
Weather: Mostly sunny and pleasantly warm

Although it didn’t rain, we woke up with damp tents. The temperature managed to fall below dewpoint and thoroughly soaked our stuff. But it didn’t rain!

A zero day means lots of things. First and foremost, no paddling! It also meant leisurely making meals that would take too much time on a regular day. We started the day with pancakes and bacon.

Russ, the maker of pancakes.

Cooking in the wilderness isn’t easy. The flat top be brought for things such as pancakes was too thin and go too hot. So we had to cook the pancakes in a skillet. It took over an hour to make enough breakfast for everyone, but it was worth it.

But the highlight of my day was seeing a beaver for the first time! I’ve always wanted to see one, and my wish finally came true.

It’s hard to tell, but that’s a beaver.

The rest of the day we played games, lounged in the sun, and hung out in hammocks. Chris fished, and we had fresh fish for dinner, along with some mediocre pad Thai (I now know how to make it better next time).

Throughout the day all but one of us talked about the possibility of leaving a day early. The drive back would be more leisurely, and there was a possibility of getting commemorative Boundary Waters tattoos. When we asked the last guy, the guy we figured would want to stay, he did say he wanted to stay, but also said he would go with whatever the group decided.

Although eight of us decided we wanted to leave a day early, somehow we ultimately decided not to. I was left confused and sad, but I still did my best to enjoy the after dinner sing-along and dance party.


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