We’re still dear friends (BWCA)

Dates: 9/12/21
BWCA Day: 9
Miles: 4 paddling
Portages: 0
Weather: Mostly cloudy and breezy

Finally, our last day in the Boundary Waters. Most everyone was ready for it to be over even if they had enjoyed the trip.

One of the girls on the trip fell and hurt her wrist the previous night, so we shuffled folks around in the canoes. I, in my walrus costume, ended up with Chris in his rode. We were the walrus and The Dude!

Sunrise our last day.

We got an early start, and within an hour and a half we were at the sign for the Boundary Waters. While we waited for everyone to catch up, Chris threw his line in the water. He caught one last fish to end the trip right.

The outfitters picked us up and took us back to their place. We enjoyed barely warm showers because a group before us had just showered and used all the hot water. After getting our gear loaded up, we headed into town for lunch.

We received many compliments on our outfits.

Like an idiot, I didn’t bring any car clothes. Meaning, I didn’t bring anything to change into once we got back. Thankfully, I still had a pair of leggings and a tank top that didn’t smell too bad. But I needed a sweater of sort. Alicia and I took to town and each found one. She got a regular hoodie, and I got a merino wool zip-up hoodie that was hand sewn in Ely, MN, where we started and ended our trip.

The beer and grilled mac and cheese sandwich hit the spot. Then we started our long drive back to Idaho Falls. We had a wee more time in our schedule, so we stopped at a couple of roadside attractions.

One last bass.

Our first stop was Paul Bunyon, an of course we included Flat Dennis.

Look at those goobers!

The next stop was some time later – Salem Sue – the world’s largest Holstein cow.

Not the best picture of Sue…

Overall, I’d say the trip was…okay. There were definitely fun and memorable times, and some of those memories I wouldn’t trade for anything. But if I had to do it again, I probably wouldn’t. If someone did manage to convince me to do it again, there would have to be some changes.

It would have to be a shorter trip with less people. By the end of it I was peopled out. There would also have to be more canoeing and less portaging. Many days if felt like we were barely on the water. I think I’d also like it better if we took long lunches during the windy parts of the day and paddled more afterwards before setting up camp.

Flat Dennis tried to drive home.

Ironically, one guy said this trip was easily in his top three or four trips ever. To each his own!


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