Menan Butte

Date: 8/20/21
Training Day: 25
Miles: 4.8 (hiking)
Shoes: Chacos
Weather: Cloudy, mid 50s

How It Felt: Getting back on a trail, even if it was a short hike, felt purdy good!

Commentary: Back in the spring I signed for this Lost Souls Trailblazer Challenge with the local trail running group. Out of the sixty-something trails in the challenge, I only need to complete ten to be a Trailblazer. Before this hike on Friday I had a mere four complete.

Since I needed to get at least six more done before the end of August, I got a few folks together from work knocked out a trail on Friday. Since I skipped my run Thursday and had no intentiona of running after the hike, I jogged the steep trail coming down from the top of the butte. And my quads have been sore because of it!

Now I just need five more trails!

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