Home, sweet home

Date: 8/11/21
Training Day: 16 (starting from scratch)
Miles: 5 (tempo)
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Smokey skies, high 50s

How It Felt: Another run that felt fantastic! Since I’ve been running regularly again, I’ve also been stretching regularly. And since I’ve been stretching regularly, my knee is doing great!

Commentary: Go to hell watch! That’s right, my watch finally stopped talking shit and acknowledged that I’m doing alright with my training. While I’d prefer for my training to be Productive, I’ll settle for Maintaining.

I win!

In other news, I made it to my dad’s yesterday. So, for my run today I went down the road towards where some of my friends growing up used to live. While running I reminisced about the old days. Soon I found myself aching to move back home.

It’s not that I miss individual people here. I only know one person other than my dad that lives here. What I miss is the feeling of home. I miss the familiarity.

My dad feeds the deer, so they come right up to the house. He also feeds raccoons and skunks!

Idaho Falls feels more like “home” than any other place I’ve lived since I joined the Navy. But, it’s still not my forever home. This little dinky place I grew up is my forever home. I feel it in my soul.

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