Stop judging me!

Date: 8/10/21
Training Day: 15 (starting from scratch)
Miles: 3.1 (surges)
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Clear, low 60s

How It Felt: This run felt amazing! And it was great running somewhere new (see commentary).

Commentary: Last night I left work and started driving west to go see my dad in California (hubster is already there). It’s a 12-hour drive, so I planned on stopping on some BLM land past Vale, OR.

By the time I hit BLM land it was dark. It’s not easy to find a home in the dark. I wasted at least 45 minutes looking for a place to sleep that wasn’t a pullout on the highway. Looking back, I should have rocked a pullout.

My morning run.

It was smokey and chilly when I woke up, so I decided to wait to run until I found cleaner and warmer air. At Stinkingwater Pass the air was clear, the temperature was perfect, and a nice BLM road snaked away from the highway. Perfect!

Although I felt great on my run, my fucking watch continues to judge me and put me down and tell me my training status is unproductive. Fuck you, Garmin! You might have all kinds of data about my run, but you don’t know how I feel or what’s in my heart!

Stop. Judging. Me.

I think my watch thinks I suck because my run had some wee hills. Looking at the elevation profile, it doesn’t look like much, but compared to flat it is! Clearly my watch can’t take everything into account.

Nothing crazy, but not flat.

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