Bushwhack, dip, flat tire, and 5k

Date: 6/4/2021
Training Day: 133
Miles: 3.1 (+3.8 hiking/bushwhacking)
Time: 27 min, 33 sec
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Mostly clear, mid 80s

How It Felt: The bushwhack kicked my ass, and it was hot as balls. I definitely pushed myself on the 5k, and it was also hot as balls, but I feel pretty good about my time.

Commentary: Remember when I was looking for danger noodles for that Trailblazer Challenge? Well, I decided to knock out one of the routes for that challenge before heading to Wilson, WY for my races.

I picked Little Currant Hollow because it was on the way to the race. It was supposedly 3-ish miles and a “wild one”. And it’s one of the three routes for the Yellow Submarine mission where you do the route and then go fully under in the creek.

Although there is no official trail, there was a nice worn footpath for the first half. Then it was ridiculous bushwhacking. As in I’m covered in scratches and the trees stole my pee funnel right out of my pack’s side pocket.

One of many bushwhacking scratches.

At some point I pulled up the map to see how much further I had to go. It’s then I realized I took a different hollow up from where I lost of the footpath. No wonder there was so much fucking bushwhacking! Luckily, I took the right hollow down and followed the nice, easy footpath.

I hadn’t anticipated wearing myself out crawling through bushes and trees, so I was tired by the time I finished. It was a stupid hot day, so the dip in the creek was refreshing.

Needed proof that I dunked in the creek for the Yellow Submarine mission.

On my way to Wilson I was drinking a delicious Squirt and eyeballing my crazy hair in my rearview mirror. Suddenly a tire was off the pavement. Normally, this is no big deal. But this time my tire got into a rut or something because my car was being “pulled” off the road straight for the Snake River.

After some swerving, overcorrecting and a major adrenaline rush, I got back on the road without hitting anybody. What’s that funny sound. I pulled over to find a flat tire. I proudly changed the flat in 15 minutes from the time I stopped to when I started my car.

In the top right corner you can see all the goodies I found hiding in my spare tire well.

Then I hightailed it to Wilson, got my bib and swag and tried to mentally prepare myself for the 5k. At the last minute I decided to push myself to see how well I could do since it was my first 5k. I’m pretty proud of my time even considering my adventures beforehand.

After the race I found a home for the night. The mosquitoes were insane! Thankfully I had bug spray in the car. So I doused my sticky, sweat-covered body in sticky, smelly bug spray. Right after that I discovered the loss of my pee funnel and had to drive to a bathroom. There was no way I was dropping my drawers with all those mosquitoes and chancing getting a bite in the crack or cooter!

I found a citronella candle hiding under my passenger seat! It didn’t do much good though, lol.

Back at home for the night, I settled into my bed at 9pm and prayed to all things holy it would cool down. Sometime in the middle of the night it finally did, and I was able to get some okay sleep.

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