Feeling good again!

Date: 5/12/21
Training Day: 110
Miles: 6.2 (fartlek)
Time: 65 min
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Clear skies, high 30s

How It Felt: Although the fast intervals were tough and I was counting down the seconds until I could jog, the run was absolutely fantastic!

Commentary: Not going to the gym last night was a welcome break. I was able to get my poop in a group for the next day and shower without feeling rushed. Still, I did not get to bed as early as I’d hoped. But I was passed out by 8pm and slept solid until my alarm went off at 4am.

This morning I felt super groggy and out of it. I figured the eight hours of sleep just wasn’t enough.

Then I started running.

Love the sunrise!

Because of the length of my run I decided to run the Greenbelt instead of torturing myself of the treadmill. And I got smart and didn’t put extra layers on like I normally do when it’s in the 30s. The run started off a wee rough, but once I got warmed up it felt great to be running outside on a crisp morning.

The intervals were two minutes at 5k pace and two minutes of jogging, six times. I’m not entirely sure what my 5k pace is, so I aimed for somewhere between 8:00-8:30 min/mi. Now that I think about it, that was probably way too fast. There’s no way I could run at that pace for a 5k! No wonder I struggled! Lesson learned.

As always, watching the sun come up gave me extra energy, and I finished the run feeling strong and very much awake. I even had time to stretch and foam roll before heading to the gym to change for work.

That blue mat is one of my better investments.

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