NA beers and running

Date: 5/13/21
Training Day: 111
Miles: 5.3
Time: 55 min
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Cloudy, low 60s

How It Felt: Another great run! Running outside is sooooo much more better than the treadmill!

Commentary: Instead of getting up early to run, I slept in. We got out of work early and a voluntary staff meeting at the local brewery.

Now that it’s warming up I want to drink cold beer all the time. But I know alcohol isn’t beneficial to my training. So, I’ve been exploring nonalcoholic beers. At the brewery I got a half pint of their alcoholic golden ale, and a bottle of whatever NA they had.

The NA beer wasn’t great, but it was satisfying. Plus, sipping a beer with my coworkers, regardless of the alcohol content, is better than merely drinking water.

The brewery is right across from the Greenbelt, so I left my car in the parking lot and knocked out my run. I was afraid it might rain on me, but it didn’t. The temperature was just right for a run, and I felt pretty darn good afterwards!

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