Date: 5/9/21
Training Day: 107
Miles: 2.7
Time: 30 min
Shoes: Hoka Challenger ATR 6
Weather: Clear skies and low 50s
Strength Training: Legs & core

How It Felt: It was super easy run day, and it felt nice to take it easy. I was not feeling my strength workout, but I made it through.

Commentary: Last night I stayed up stupid late playing games on my phone, so I didn’t feel like doing much today.

Since I was still in Boise, I decided to look for some nonalcoholic beer. Being a bigger city, I thought I might be able to a find craft NA beer more easily.


I found two different craft NAs, but nothing special. I was hoping to find something darker, like a stout, but I guess I should be happy I found anything.

The last store I stopped at happened to be right by the Green Belt, so I did my run by the river. Again, I was jealous of the Boise area. Sure, Idaho Falls has a green belt, but it’s nowhere as long, scenic or nice.

As from running trail envy, I’m also envious of the vegan selections Boise has, both at restaurants and grocery stores. As much as I despise populated areas and concrete jungles, bigger cities have their advantages.

But rather than dwelling on what Idaho Falls doesn’t have, I’m grateful for what it does have. I’m grateful for the vegan baker I found. I’m grateful we have a green belt. I’m grateful for trails we do have within a half hour of town. I’m grateful for how close we are to majestic mountains.

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