Walking is cross training

Date: 5/3/21
Training Day: 101
Strength Training: Traps & upper back

How It Felt: The workout was meh. I’m still sore and tired from this weekend, so I wasn’t feeling it.

Commentary: My journey back into a regular fitness routine started with walking. My company rewards employees who track their healthy habits, and part of that tracking included steps. To get my steps in during the week I walked. On the weekends I hiked.

When I started running again I kept walking to compete with my friends at work. As my runs got longer and I got a wee faster, I didn’t have to walk as much to beat them. So I started walking less.

Now that I’ve been running again for four weeks, I I thought I’d feel about as awesome at it as I did before. But I don’t. I’m beginning to wonder if my lack of walking might be to blame.

My last significant hike was a month ago. The only walking I do at work is for work. I no longer do laps around the building, inside or out.

When my watch reminded me to move I used to get up and walk until it until it told me I was good. Now I just look at it and tell myself I’ll move sooner or later.

The moral of this story is I need to get back to walking! And hiking! It will only help me with my running.

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