Oh my groin

Date: 5/4/21
Training Day: 102
Miles: 4.1
Time: 45 min
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Cloudy, high 50s
Strength Training: Chest & biceps

How It Felt: Chest and bicep workout was alright except for one exercise (see commentary). The was great until a storm started blowing in and the temperatures dropped!

Commentary: One of my chest exercises for the day was the single arm cable chest fly. Nothing crazy, right? Ha!

The exercise wasn’t hard as far as my chest. But you know how you use different muscles to stabilize and “brace” yourself while doing an exercise? Well, my body was doing that, and I felt a horrible pain in my groin.

Since the Spartan I’ve been hurting in weird places, and my groin is one of those places. And for most of the day, it hurt on and off.

Ran by the canal for most of my run.

In other news, I’ve been impatiently waiting for it to be warm enough before work to run. But getting up at 4am has not been working out well for me. My runs during the week aren’t exactly looooong this week, but I’ve decided to do the ones I can after work.

This way I don’t have to get up as early because my strength training only takes about 30 minutes. And I get to run outside because it’s plenty warm after work.

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