Long day of training

Date: 3/24/21
Training Day: 61
Strength Training: Arms

How It Felt: Arms workout was the same as last week, so it was a snooze, and it felt fine.

Commentary: When I say “long day of training” I do not mean any sort of physical training. I spent the whole day in one-on-one, face-to-face reactor theory training. It was as boring as it sounds.

At one point I almost dozed off while engaged in conversation with my instructor. That’s because I slept like shit last night. I slept like shit because my husband flopped over on top of me at 2am, and I couldn’t get him to move. So, I ended up on the couch, and it was not comfortable.

I had all intentions of doing the TRX runners strength workout this evening, but I can barely keep my eyes open. Instead I shoved a burrito in my face. And I plan to go to bed early. And I mean EARLY. Like by 8pm at the latest.

I need my rest because tomorrow morning I’m trying something new – Les Mills On Demand workouts. Back in the day I absolutely loved going to Body Pump. I looked at their app to see if I could do Body Pump at home, and discovered it has all kinds of workouts, including a bunch of cardio. Since my HIIT workout on Tuesday wasn’t all that exciting, I’ve got my fingers crossed that Les Mills will make my heart pump.

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