Sneaky, sneaky

Date: 3/19/21
Training Day: 56
Strength Training: Back and arms

How It Felt: The back workout felt alright, nothing too challenging. The arms workout was quite challenging but also disappointing because there were no shoulder exercises.

Commentary: On days on I do back or arms, I typically add extra exercises on top of what my personal trainer prescribes. Usually it’s exercises I learned in physical therapy to try to keep my jank right shoulder and upper back happy. But when I do this, my personal trainer is not at the gym.

Today my personal trainer was at the gym, so I didn’t sneak in anything extra. I know I should probably tell him I’m doing more than he prescribes, but I’m a bad client and I don’t.

Not that this is training related in any way, but I got to hang out with baby cows and packs goats today. Now I want a pack goat to take with me on the PCT.

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