New plan of attack

Date: 3/18/21
Training Day: 55
Strength Training: Legs

How It Felt: The leg workout was good, but it’s glaringly obvious how deficient my right leg is.

Commentary: Yesterday I was supposed to do strength training, but instead I looked at houses and got my haircut. By the end of the day I felt like a tub for not going to the gym. In general I’ve felt meh this week. Between the knee and the time change, I’m ready for next week. I’m also ready to start my new plan of attack.

Not being able to run or cycle without my knee hurting sucks. Instead of slowing down and only doing strength training, I want to make sure I keep up on some cardio. The company that made the yoga app I use also has a HIIT app. There’s even an option to remove certain exercises if you have bad knees. Bingo!

So here’s my new plan… Three days a week I plan to do HIIT for cardio, keeping the main focus on my legs as long as my knee isn’t super wonky. I also plan to do TRX workouts that are geared towards runners to help strengthen and balance out the muscles I need for running. And I’ll keep doing my weight training.

Whether or not my plan is smart has yet to be seen. For all I know the physical therapist, whenever it is I finally see them, will tell me to stop doing all the shit doing. Until then, I’m going through with my plan. It’s like I need to do this to feel like I’m still working towards my 100-mile goal.

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