Cracked dreams

Date: 3/16/21
Training Day: 52
Time: 39 min (spinning)
Strength Training: Chest

How It Felt: The spin bike made me feel like a bitch. Like I haven’t ever done cardio or worked out my legs. But I must admit, it felt good.

Commentary: The actual spinning itself felt good. But a couple hours later my knee started feeling wonky. I was afraid of this.

Back in 2011 when I hurt my knee the physical therapist told me to bike for four weeks with no running. Even the biking hurt my knee. Even after four weeks of doing jack shit my knee still hurt. Physical therapy didn’t help. And over the years my knee wonkiness has come and gone. Usually showing up when I’m out of shape or decide to start running again.

Looks like some things don’t change. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up just because I made it nearly three month of running with no knee pain.

Me – 0, Knee – 27 (not sure how accurate that count is, but you get the point)

Since my knee is behaving as it has so many times, I feel like my dream of running 100 miles is slowly cracking. It hasn’t shattered yet because physical therapy might be able to help. But I’m already anticipating having to push off my 100-miler.

I want to be mopey and miserable and super disappointed. I want to say fuck it and become an obese alcoholic. Instead, I’m giving myself one night of splurging on junk food and moping while watching The Flight Attendant on HBO Max.

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