Hot spring therapy

Date: 3/13/21
Training Day: 50
Miles: 8 (hiking)
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 5
Weather: Snowing and cloudy

How It Felt: I’m sad that a week ago I ran ten miles and felt great, and today I hiked eight fairly easy miles and my knee felt meh.

Commentary: As usual, my friend and I had perfect timing. You know, the guy visiting in Utah. Anyway, we started our hike to the hot spring, and it was snowing pretty good. I was afraid the hot spring would be crowded, but a couple groups of folks left as we arrived. We got an entire pool to ourselves.

This was my first time in a hot spring, and it felt better than any bath I could dream of. The snow, the warm water, and a couple of beers were exactly what I needed.

Another bather had her top off, so I decided to take mine off too. I love being naked in nature, and it felt so good to hang out with other mature adults who didn’t care about nudity.

As we were getting dressed, about a dozen “kids” hiked in. On our hike out we passed at least 20 more folks hiking in. Like I said, my friend and I have perfect timing.

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