Nursing the knee

Date: 3/12/21
Training Day: 49
Strength Training: Back and chest

How It Felt: Workout was okay. Pretty much the same workout as last week, which I find boring. I added some extra exercises after my prescribed workout to spice things up.

Commentary: My knee niggle is bringing me down. It’s still bothering me today. I haven’t heard anything from my doctor about the referral to a PT. And the running coach folks have yet to respond to my message.

With the hopes that I’ll still be able to run someday in the near future, I went to REI to look at trail running shoes. I specifically went to look at Topos because I heard they were a better version of Altras. After trying them on, they’re clearly better for people with narrower feet. They felt too snug with my wide-ass hooves in them. Luckily, Hoka makes some of their shoes in wide, so I found a pair that fit nicely.

While at REI I also looked at running vests. I ordered an Osprey one online, but then my friend told me about Nathan vests. I checked them out and tried one on. Yup, way better than the Osprey. I didn’t buy the vest because I’m not sure I’ll need it depending on my knee. The shoes I can use for hiking, but I already have a day pack, so the running vest is useless if I can’t run long distances.

Instead of running this weekend I’ll be on the stationary bike. But I still have my second leg day on Sunday, so maybe that will help my knee some as well.

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