Refocusing on the goal

Date: 2/19/21
Training Day: 28
Miles: None/rest day
Activity: Yoga

For the first three weeks of my training I was focused on performance. I mean, isn’t that why people train for something? My jank knee got me thinking though. What good is performance if I can’t perform?

Along with training for a 100 miler, I also had it my head that I should push myself to get good times on some of the other races I have scheduled. I fantasized about beating my previous half and full marathon times. I dreamed about how fast I could run a 5k. But that’s not what this journey is about.

Running and finishing a 100 miler is what this is all about. What’s the point of hitting a PR in a half or full marathon if I never make it to 100 miles? There is no fucking point. I need to focus on my end goal and do whatever it takes to try to get there. I say “try” because there is no guarantee this body of mine will ever make it that far.

That’s something else I need to accept. I might not be able to run 100 miler. My right knee might say, “Fuck you! I’m not taking you that far!” Or the rest of my body might say. “We’re too old for this shit, let’s take a long nap instead of running for over 24 hours.” But I still need to try.

Part of trying is taking it easy on myself and taking care of my body. This Garmin coach plan is nice because so far the runs are time-based not mileage-based. With the mileage-based runs I found myself pushing to run faster so I could finish faster. Now, I focus on keeping my heart rate in a certain zone and don’t care about the miles.

Doing two leg workouts a week will also help. The added strength should help support my jank knee. I’ve also committed to upping my yoga practice and doing yoga Friday through Monday. And with any luck, on April 29, 2022, I’ll be on the starting line for the Salt Flats 100.

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