Tweaking my training

Date: 2/17/21
Training Day: 26
Miles: 2 (+ 0.75)
Time: 23 min
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: N/A (indoors on a treadmill)
Strength Training: Legs

How It Felt: Went slower on the run today, you know, taking it easy. It felt alright. Got a fleeting ache right below my right knee, but nothing crazy. My benchmark run went alright as well (see commentary). The leg workout went much better than usual, so that’s good.

Commentary: While playing with my watch and the Garmin Connect app, I noticed this Garmin Coach feature. It has adaptive training plans for a 5k, 10k and half marathon. Out of curiosity, I started the half marathon training plan because the adaptive part made me curious.

Supposedly, the training plan changes based off your running stats. If you’re going strong right out the gate, it’ll up your training. If you skip workouts or you suck, it adjusts your schedule accordingly to get you on track. Other than a training plan from a book written over two decades ago, I have no idea what I’m doing, so this adaptive shit might be just what I need.

We shall see.

My coach is Greg McMillian, whatever that means. Since I’ll never interact with the guy, I have a hard time calling him my coach. Anyway, I did my benchmark run, and I’m scheduled for easy runs the next two weeks. No long runs. No intervals. Just easy runs.

Part of me is thinking maybe easy runs are a great idea because of my knee scare.

Another part of me is thinking fuck no – I need ALL the miles, and I’ll miss my intervals something fierce.

I’m going with the Garmin Coach.

My training plan shows two weeks worth of runs… And that’s it. Because it’s adaptive, the runs can only be planned so far out. Since the runs will be easy for the next couple of weeks, my personal trainer finally gets his wish. I’ll be able to do two leg workouts a week to strengthen my right leg to support my jank knee.

I’m a bit nervous to start an unfamiliar training plan that only lets me see so far into the future. But I have faith that Coach Greg will keep his promise of getting me ready for a 2-hour half marathon.

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