Personal trainer vs me (Part II)

Training Day: 24
Miles: None/rest day

Commentary: Coincidentally, after ranting about my personal trainer, he sends out a brand new weekly check-in form for me to fill out. I communicated some of my concerns and submitted the form.

Hours later I get a text from him saying he’s changed mobile apps for the training, told me my workouts for the week were already scheduled in it, and asked me to fill out the weekly check-in form. Huh. I assumed the check-in would aid him in tailoring my workout for this week. But he obviously didn’t look at it before writing my schedule. WTF?!

I asked him about this and he said, “I started weekly check ins this week but will start using them next week.” Again, WTF?! Why in fuck’s name did I take the time to fill out that fucking form if he’s not going to even fucking use it this week?! I transitioned from discontent to pissed.

Then I realized I’ve been in shoes before.

Back in the day I started tutoring math for students wishing to pass the ASVAB (military entrance exam). Looking back at my first month of lessons, I feel bad for those students. I was still figuring out my shit. In that first month I honed my explanations and became a better teacher. I scoured the interwebs for worksheets so my students could practice on their own time. Eventually, I had my shit dialed in and felt like a successful tutor.

My personal trainer is just starting out. He told me so. I knew this going in and still had faith in the guy. He’s still dialing in his shit. Does it kind of suck to be part of his learning curve? Sure. But it has happen for him to become a successful personal trainer.

After this realization, I transitioned back to annoyed. And my fingers are crossed that he figures his shit out sooner than later.

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