Hello again

It’s been almost a month since my last post! The urge to write has been nonexistent, but I finally feel it. A little.

The past month has been crazy. School and work are time-consuming. I’m still not sleeping well. I’ve taken three days of PL since the semester started just to relax. I never take PL for non-adventure things unless I’m desperate. I simply don’t care about saving PL for adventuring. I’m just trying to survive!

It’s not as doom and gloom as it sounds. I’m content with my life right now. Usually, I try to pack my summer with as much adventure as possible, but this year I’m feeling different. School is going great, and I have big plans for the summer to learn as much as possible on my own since I won’t have any classes. I’m also considering day hikes instead of backpacking trips this year to have more time at home to learn stuff. Who am I?!

Training for my upcoming 50-miler has not gone as planned. My idea of standing more at my desk and utilizing the walking treadmill fell through. If I’m at my desk, Oreo is on my lap 95% of the time. I could kick her off to stand or walk, but I’d rather cuddle with my kitten. Still, I feel like I should be able to finish my 50-miler as long as my IT band stays happy. I have zero bases for this feeling other than my gut.

Could you kick this sweet face off your lap to train? I sure can’t!

Perhaps this confidence comes from having a race plan for the first time ever. I know what will be in my drop bag, what I’ll drop in the drop bag, how much water I want to leave each aid station with (depending on the temperature), and what I’ll have ready for my husband to give me at the crew aid station. Instead of a hodgepodge of stuff in my vest, I have a list of exactly what I need. Nothing else will go in my vest! I also plan to set a run/walk timer to ensure I don’t run too much on the downhills and exhaust myself before the 16 miles of uphill at the end.

This race plan is fine and dandy, but if I don’t have the fitness to make it 50 miles, it won’t matter. I can only hope my legs are physically capable of transporting me 50 miles. Providing I can put one foot in front of the other, I will push past the pain and keep going. The Triple Crown of Moab will be mine! Hopefully.

Oh, and today I remembered that I have a 100k a mere three weeks after my 50-miler. What the fuck was I thinking?!

That is all.

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