Final project woes

Date: 12/3/22
Training Day: Week 4, Day 6
Miles: 3.6 (hiking)
Mobility/Stretching: No
Ate Well: Not really

Commentary: Last night at the Christmas party I stuffed myself like a Thanksgiving turkey. There was so much good food! The party was at the indoor shooting range, so after dinner, a handful of us went to shoot some shit up! It felt good to get some practice with my handgun.

There’s pumpkin pie under there, I swear!

This morning I woke up intending to relax until my husband got home from watching the USA vs Netherlands World Cup game. I knew I needed to get working on my final project at some point, but in my head, I didn’t have much to do to finish my analysis. Then it hit me. The analysis isn’t all I have left. I also need to write at least eight pages of words. Fuck.

My husband left to go watch the game, and I opened up my project and started working. When he got back we drove out to Menan Butte for a hike. It was such a gorgeous day and probably one of the nicest days we’ve had in a long time. I’m so grateful we got outside for a bit!

View from Menan Butte.

Back at the house I grabbed a bite to eat and then dove back into my final project. Of course, the analysis took way longer than I anticipated. Partly because I’m still learning how to do the things, and partly because it takes time for the software to process the data.

In other news, I am sore from my strength training yesterday. Like it’s hard to get off the couch sore. Hopefully I’m less sore by the time I have to do strength training tomorrow!

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