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Date: 11/28/22

Alright. This is the beginning of Week 4 of training. I restarted the count after the jankle was good enough to run on again. Not that I ran much after that, but oh well. Anywho, I need to make some changes as I continue (start?) in my training. Pardon my stream-of-consciousness-like rambling.

I feel like I broken record. A sad, pathetic broken record who says she’ll make changes and do better, sticks to it for a bit, and then falls off the wagon. Rinse and repeat. Am I insane? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. How do I get myself to stick with the changes?!

What are these changes you might ask? Oh, ya know, the usual.

  • Eat healthier/more vegetables (potatoes don’t count!) consistently
  • Consistent run training
  • Consistent strength training
  • Consistent physical therapy exercise
  • Stretch, do yoga and/or 12 Ready to Run standards consistently

Eating better is a top priority. All the other stuff is great and all, but without proper nutrition, who cares about the rest. Perhaps it’s my shit diet that had me tired all the time. Maybe that’s why my recovery wasn’t the greatest after hard runs before Dead Horse. I don’t know. What I do know is eating better can only result in good things.

Notice that everything on the list focuses on consistency? That’s what I suck at the most. That’s why I feel like a broken record (or insane person). I get all gung-ho about making changes, rock socks off for a few weeks, sometimes even a few months, and then the wheels fall off.

One idea is to not go balls to the wall right out of the gate. Kind of like running, you don’t start a training program with the same weekly mileage you end it with. You gradually increase the miles. Perhaps that’s what I need to do when it comes to making all these changes.

Instead of drastically changing my diet, I’ll slowly incorporate more vegetables, leafy greens, and other whole foods. At the same time, I’ll slowly phase out the crap food I’ve subsisted on for the past few months. Also, my husband tries to get me to eat salads and vegetables all the time, but I flat our refuse. Time to stop refusing!

As long as I’m not sick and tired (literally), I’m generally pretty good at sticking to my run training. Unless I’m on vacation, but I don’t think that counts. I’m also not the worst about doing my strength training, again, unless I’m on vacation. So, there are two things I don’t really need to worry about. I just need to stop being hard on myself when I slack off on vacay.

The last two are the toughest. Depending on my weekly mileage, I’m already dedicating 8-13 hours a week on running and strength training. Spending 5-10 minutes after a run on stretching isn’t horrible. But the thought of carving out an additional few hours for PT exercises and yoga is less than appealing. I tell myself I’ll do my PT exercises during work breaks, but then I forget. I’ll have to ponder this one more…

Does anyone have suggestions on how to do all things when you’re already super busy and have limited free time? I need all the help I can get! Talk to me!


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  1. been there and still doing that, sometimes the diet gets better, but tonight, may be poisoning the kids with McDonalds..but I did just have an apple so maybe it’ll balance out….Jan 1st is soon, I work on those resolutions then

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