Crazy, busy week

Dates: 9/12/22 – 9/18/22
Training Week: 3
Miles: 49.4 (all running!)

Commentary: Holy smokes. Holy smokes for two reasons. One, it is Sunday, like the 18th Sunday. I am finally getting caught up on the blog! Two, this week was insane!!!

Remember back in the spring when I started PT with a new physical therapist but the VA only gave me six appointments? Remember how the doc asked for more appointments was waiting for approval? FOUR MONTHS LATER THE VA FINALLY APPROVED ADDITIONAL VISITS! The real kicker is they only approved six more! Whatever. That’s what free healthcare gets me.

This adorable cat has been coming by our house lately. He’s super affectionate, and I want him.

Anyway, on Monday I had my first PT appointment. On Mondays I also have class and lab. And I’m supposed to work ten hours. All of those things cannot happen in one day. Not even when I start work at 4:45am. I went nonstop from 4:30am when I left the house until 6:30pm when I shut my work laptop. And I only logged seven hours of work for the day.

Tuesday, I worked out at the site, but I worked more when I got home to try to get all my hours in. Wednesday was even more ridiculous than Monday. Not only did I have class and PT, but I also had an appointment with the naturopathic doctor my friend recommended. Oh, and I had to get my interval run in.

I got to work at 4:45am and worked for about two hours. Then I grabbed my bag of running stuff to get ready for my interval run. My dumbass forgot socks! I was not about to run eight miles with no socks, so I decided to push off my run until after class. When class was done, I drove home, dressed for my run, and drove back across town to run along the Greenbelt.

Some of my blood under a microscope. Actually, there aren’t many blood cells in this picture.

Oh, and I forgot to mention there was a free lunch at the extension campus. I picked up a veggie burger with the intention of eating it after my run. Instead I ate it on the drive home, so I ran intervals on a full stomach. My dumbassedness knows no bounds, apparently. Despite being full and running in the heat of the day, the run was still good.

Then it was off to my doctor’s appointment. Dr. Karie pricked my finger and put my blood on slide. I got to see all the nasty stuff in my blood, like parasites, fungus, yeast and crystals. Ewww. She gave me a shopping list of stuff to buy and sent me off with tea leaves and parasite cleanse tincture. Supposedly all the hippie stuff with clean me up, help with my lack of bowel movements, and increase the oxygen my blood transports around my body (about a third of my blood was anemic).

I went straight to PT after my doctor’s appointment. Thankfully, it wasn’t a hard session. Afterwards, I went home and logged into my work laptop to get a few more hours in, but I still only got six hours for the day.

Got my run in before breakfast so I didn’t feel bad about stuffing myself.

Thursday, I had all intentions of putting in at least an hour of work after I got home, but I spent too much time shopping for my hippie medicine. Oh well. On Friday I had breakfast with a friend from work before working half the day to get my 40 hours for the week.

For my long run I’d planned on going to the Tetons, but the weather kept me away. Thunderstorms on a ridge is fine on the High Route, but not for a training run. I settled on a trail outside of Pocatello with the perfect incline and elevation gain. It had about the same incline as the majority of my 50-miler.

In the beginning, I felt great. On the downhills and gentler inclines I ran, and I walked the rest. I enjoyed about six miles of up and three miles of down for the first half of the run. When the uphill started again my legs were not having it. I tried to run on the gentle slopes, but it took so much energy. When the downhill finally returned I was beyond happy.

Can you tell this was from the first half of the run?

Back at home, I took an Epsom bath to soothe my tired and sore body. I had all intentions of tackling my to-do list after my run, but I didn’t have it in me. The couch called to me, and I answered, watching both National Treasure movies.

Sunday, (which is today, but I’m not posting this until later in the week) I pulled myself out of bed to do my run. The Sunday run is very important to get my legs used to working while tired and sore. Despite having no motivation and even less energy, the run went well. That is, aside from the mama moose I thought was chasing me.

My first encounter with mama moose.

While trudging up the hillside I startled a mama moose. I looked at her, she looked at me. I took her picture and continued on my way. A few minutes later I hear something, and I look over to see mama moose with her baby in tow trotting directly towards. Oh shit! What did I do to piss her off?! Does she not like having her picture taken?!

I crouched down by a pathetic bush and tried to look as small and harmless as I possibly could. As she continued towards me I wondered why I hadn’t made my way to a tree rather than a bush. Then she veered away from. Once I realized I wouldn’t have to fight for my life, I took the opportunity to get a video of her and her babe trotting by.

Did u mention this week was a bit lonely? My husband left for Texas on Tuesday to visit a friend. I thought the three nights he worked last week was rough! Sure I have friends I probably could have hung out with, but it’s not the same. There’s something about that husband of mine. It’s so easy to be around him and 100% be myself. We laugh so much when we’re together, and even if we’re not really doing anything we still have fun. I can’t wait for him to come home!

The cat has not been very comforting in my husband’s absence. She doesn’t look very comfortable either though.

And now, the blog is finally caught up!

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  1. mooses are unpredicatble….we’ve had a few encounters, they’re usually too busy eating…worst was a buck deer that would let me past..yikes, so I had to take a lower trail to get by him….always know there’s wild life around, but, well, you try not to think of it…one hike found a cave with a bunch of parts of mountain goat parts, thinking maybe cougar…that scared me…..I hate blood tests!…I was fine, but had one really wild expereince donating blood once (I fainted and apparently bleed all over the place) and ever since they freak me out

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    • Thankfully I haven’t run into any cougars. I want to donate blood, but I don’t want to lose a bunch of red blood cells with all the races I have coming up, lol.


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