Seriously training

Dates: 9/5/22 – 9/11/22
Training Week: 2
Miles: 36.3 (running) + 9.3 (walking)

Commentary: This was my first week of following an actual training plan, so I do believe I am seriously training for my 50-miler now.

Sunday evening my dad and his girlfriend came to town. I love seeing my dad. He tells the same stories over and over again and can’t hear a thing you say so he just talks at you instead of engaging in conversation, but he’s one of my most favorite people in the world. He has this child-like air about him that he’s always had. It makes him quite pleasant to be around because he finds joy in the simplest of things.

Yeah, I’m a daddy’s girl.

On Monday, the three of us went for a walk around the Greenbelt. My dad might not be fast, but he can still put in some miles. Afterwards, we went to the local ice cream shop to replace all the calories we’d burned. Not long after him and his girlfriend hit the road to head back to Northern California.

My husband also started a new job on Monday. He started at 10am and would work until they closed at 9pm. At first, I thought having the house to myself for a bit would be nice. Instead I found it lonely and missed my husband. The next two nights he worked it didn’t really matter because I was so busy with work, school and running I didn’t have any free time. He quit on Wednesday, so I didn’t have to worry about being lonely after that!

Running at sunrise is the best.

My favorite part of my training plan is the Wednesday interval workouts. I love interval training. I love feeling like I’m going to die during the fast intervals, and I love putzing along as slow as I can go to make the recovery intervals last longer. I love how great I feel afterwards, like I kicked ass and took names.

On Friday, I walked the golf course with my husband. When we lived in Virginia I would walk with all the time, but I’d only done it once since we moved to Idaho. It was a lovely day out, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my husband. And I got five miles in!

See that thing that kind of looks like a nipple to the right of the Tetons? That’s Table Mountain!

Saturday was long run day, and I chose a more difficult trail because it was a hike I’ve been wanting to do for some time. I knew the elevation gain was incline wasn’t representative of what I’d see on my race, but I figured the steepness would only make me stronger. The trail was a lot rougher than I expected. Large rocks threatened to trip me the whole way, and one turned the threat into reality.

On top of Table Mountain.

The trail was also super steep, and even though I expected this, my legs definitely weren’t ready. Still, I pushed myself on the hike up and made pretty decent time. At the top of Table Mountain I took a break to enjoy the views. The Tetons looked like I could walk right up them, and I could see Hurricane Pass from our Teton Crest trip.

Hurricane Pass off in the distance.

On the way down I ran as much as I could, but it was hard considering how steep and rock the trail was. It was during one of the times when I was able to run that I tripped on a rock and skidded down the trail a bit. The small hole in my hand smarted, and I rinsed it off the best I could. The views from the top were spectacular, but I was happy to be done when I returned to my car.

My boo-boo.

Sunday, I got my run in, then my husband and I took the canoe out on the reservoir for some fishing. The first time we went we didn’t catch a damn thing. I was beginning to think we wouldn’t catch anything this trip either. My husband was paddling us back toward the dock while I trolled my line. I thought maybe I had a fish on, but after a bit of reeling it didn’t feel like it. But as I kept reeling my line felt funny. All of a sudden the fish attached to the end of my line jumped out of the water! It spit the hook before we could get it in the canoe, but that’s okay.

That guy right there is just the best!

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  1. Idaho sounds like an amazing place…..someday…I just shifted gears for my fall goals. was going to head to Victoria of a half marathon, decided to skip the travel, and do a 12K trail race this weekend and then find something else to keep me occupied…….

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