Red Rocks

Dates: 5/9/22 – 5/15/22
Training Week: 23
Miles: 4.4

Commentary: I managed to get a run in on Monday, but after that I just felt like shit. Running the Spartan in the freezing rain got me sick. Instead of trying to push myself through the sickness, I listened to my body and took it easy.

I don’t think winter knows what time of year it is.

Thursday night my husband and I loaded up the van and started making our way towards Colorado. Friday morning we rolled into Arvada, CO in time to meet his golf buddies for lunch before their tee time. Before I got sick the plan was for me to get my long run in while he golfed. Instead I went to Costco to buy pillows because we forgot ours. Afterwards I went for a short hike and lounged in the sun like a lizard.

The warmth felt so good coming from our chilly Idaho weather.

My new favorite thing around the greater Denver area is that you can sleep at the park and rides! Sure, it’s a little noisy and far from Instagram-worthy, but it’s a place to spend the night without worrying about getting that dreaded knock.

Fun times wading through the creek to sit on a rock.

On Saturday we hung out with one of Jeremy’s high school friends in Golden. Food, splashing in the creek, ice cream and good company quickly passed the time. We said our goodbyes and headed over to Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Shovels & Rope, a husband and wife band, played before Turnpike Troubadours.

Neither of us had been to Red Rocks before, but everyone told us it’s the most amazing venue we’ll ever go to. Aside from the wicked climb up to the amphitheater, they were right. The views were absolutely spectacular, and the bands sounded great! If I didn’t have a stupid on-site job I’d totally bum around near Red Rocks and hit up concerts whenever I could.

If we didn’t have such a long drive ahead of us, my quick hike would have been longer.

After the concert we spent the night in a park and ride not far from Red Rocks, which also happened to be a trailhead. Sunday morning I went for a quick hike to stretch my legs. I was feeling much better and kind of wished I’d gotten up earlier to get a run in. On the way home we stopped by Waffle House, one of our guilty pleasures.

There’s just something about Waffle House.

The weekend might have been a lot of driving, but it was worth it!

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