Best long run ever!

Date: 4/24/22
Training Day: 140
Miles: 16.1
Time: 3 hrs, 25 minutes
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4.5
Weather: Low 50s, partly sunny, one short snow flurry

How It Felt: This long run felt fucking fantastic! Oh my goodness, I’m surprised at how great it felt. Even after I finished I still felt surprisingly good.

Commentary: Not going to lie, this long run had me ecstatic! It started off a little rough, but usually the first 45 minutes of any run is a little rough. After I got all warmed and in the groove the rest of the run was so smooth.

What surprised me most was my pace – 12:45 min/mi! Granted, I spent a little more time in the moderate-intensity zone than I intended, but I feel like that’s bound to happen during long runs. Anyway, the uphills weren’t super bad, and I cruised up some of the less steep inclines with no problems. When my watch would beep at the mile and I saw my lap time I almost couldn’t believe it.


What’s even better is I had a great pace even with all the walking I did. I have an alert set for every 15 minutes, and when it goes off I walk and drink some Accelerade. Sometimes I would only walk for 30 seconds or so, other times it was like two minutes. I also spent additional time walking taking off and putting back on my pullover because the temperature kept fluctuating. I’d say I probably walked over 20 minutes of my run.

The only bad part of the run was afterwards when I realized my HRM chaffed the shit out of me. Perhaps this is why they tell you to wash it once week? The months of accumulated salt probably had a little something to do with the chaffing. Now I just have to remember to wash my HRM before my next run.

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    • Yeah, haven’t been in the mood to write. Been kind of blah. Then the thought of writing a catch-up post feels overwhelming, lol. Hoping this weekend to get something written.

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