Strength only

Date: 3/24/22
Training Day: 109
Activity: Strength

How It Felt: Meh. Can’t say I’m a fan of working out first thing in the morning anymore. I didn’t feel nearly as strong today.

Commentary: Since I was doing my LTHR test on Friday, which is a hard test, I figured it’d be smart to skip my Thursday run. So, I got up early and did a strength workout. It was one of the hard ones, and I am not a fan of doing the hard ones first thing in the morning. Doing the workout after work wasn’t an option because my husband was picking me up at work that day because it’s on the way to Boise.

Speaking of the Boise trip… Wednesday night I got all my stuff together for the weekend so my husband could pack the van the next day and pick me up from work. I went to my clothes cubbies and noticed a pair of my leggings on the floor in front of the cubby. Huh. I could have sword I put those away. Why would I put them on the floor in front of the cubby they go in?

She’s pretty adorable, so I’m not mad that all the clothes in there are covered in cat hair.

Don’t worry, I’m not crazy – I have a weird ass cat. She pulled my leggings out of the cubby to make a more comfortable bed for herself! I only know this because when I went into my workout room Thursday morning I woke her up. Perhaps I should grab some old clothes to put in there so my workout clothes don’t end up covered in cat hair…

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