Outside run!

Date: 1/29/22
Training Day: 55
Miles: 6
Time: 70
Shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4.5
Weather: Mid 20s, sunny

How It Felt: My lower left calf was tight and felt on the verge of cramping for the first half of the run. Other than that, the run was great!

Commentary: It’s stupid cold these days, at least for me. I know folks from Alaska, Canada, Maine and other chilly places probably think I’m a wuss, but I don’t care. My lungs hate running in the cold.

The river is frozen!

Today the high was forecasted in the mid 20s with sunny, blue skies. I decided to take a chance and run around the Greenbelt. I started around 2:15pm, about the warmest part of the day.

I did good with my layers and didn’t sweat much, but I also stayed mostly warm. I even lubed up my face with Vaseline and lanolin to keep my face from getting windburned. And I must say, it felt pretty damn good to run outside.

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