Back in town for a day

Date: 1/19/22
Training Day: 45
Miles: 3.7 (intervals)
Time: 40 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Weather: Sunny, mid 50s
Activity: Strength – Hypertrophy

How It Felt: Since it’s only week two of official training, intervals are still tough. I went balls to the wall for the first one, which was also slightly uphill, but I dialed it back just a smidge for the rest. And I love how during my cool down a faster pace seems easier after intervals.

Commentary: By 6:30am we hit the road back to St George to bring the van to the Mercedes dealership to get the check engine light and DEF warning checked out. Thankfully I remembered that we needed to do something with the cat while the van was being worked on. Thank goodness I only have a cat, not a kid. Our friends we just left two days ago welcomed our furrball with open arms.

Come to find out, there was a recall on something (I can’t remember what, obviously), and that was the problem. Good news – they had all the parts, and we didn’t have to pay for anything. Bad news – the Boise dealership should have told us about the recall and fixed our van when we brought it in back in November. So fuck them for kind of wasting one of my vacation days!

Oreo does not get along with our friends’ dog.

The day wasn’t a complete waste though. It gave me an opportunity to see if there was any homework I could do, even though there wasn’t. My teachers are slacking! And there was a golf course right across from the dealership, so my husband got to get a round of golf in. We also go to see friends again, and I was able to get my run in.

The run was supposed to be 45 minutes, but I forgot and thought it was 40 minutes. Oops! Perhaps tomorrow I’ll do an extra five minutes for my run. I also didn’t get my strength workout in today, so I have to get it tomorrow.

That means tomorrow will be a super exercise day because not only do I need to get a run and workout in, we’ll also be doing a seven-mile hike through some slot canyons. I love vacation! And I’m not even being sarcastic!

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