Date: 1/16/22
Training Day: 42
Miles: 2.5
Time: 30 min
Shoes: Xero HFS
Weather: Low 30s
Activity: Strength – Hypertrophy

How It Felt: I love running outside! It felt a wee chillier this morning, but once I warmed up it was fantastic. The sunrise was gorgeous, and it felt like I was going a bit faster with less effort than usual. Instead of doing max reps for all my strength exercises, I eased up a bit so as not to push myself too hard.

Commentary: On our drive down to our friends, our diesel exhaust fluid warning light and check engine light came in. According to the owner’s manual that means we need to take it in. To top it off, we only have so many more times we can start the van before it won’t start anymore. What a great way to start the vacation.

I kept hoping the DEF stuff would magically fix itself, but it has yet to. We have an appointment on Wednesday to get it checked out. And we did figured that we’ll have just enough starts for Jeremy’s golf outing today, our Zion trip, The Wave, and getting to the Mercedes dealership.

We’re hoping it’s an easy fix and we can get the van back the same day. Otherwise, my amazing vacation will lose a few days of awesomeness. My time off is as precious as gold, and I was already disappointed about wasting two days of it for COVID. Having to waste more because of the van would be a kick in the pants.

Then last night I went to get something from the van and the diesel heater wasn’t working. I tried to restart it a few times, and eventually I looked underneath and saw that no fuel was going through the inline filter. The heater was a game changer in the van, and all my excitement about the trip all but disappeared with disappointment.

Using my friend’s neck massager to massage my super sore calves.

Before bed and this morning I did some meditating. I reminded myself that being disappointed and in a bad mood won’t change anything. Thinking pessimistically and moping won’t make anything better. It is what it is, and unless I can change it, I might as well go with the flow and make the best out of the situation.

This morning my husband started the van and then started the diesel heater. It worked! I have no idea what happened and why it stopped or started working, but I am beyond happy that it’s working! Between that and tweaking my outlook, my disappointment is gone, and I’m ready to enjoy my vacation however it might turn out.

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  1. I like how you deal with dissapointment and frustraition….I have tried, and as I’ve gotten older it gets easier somedays, but, well, sometimes you just have take things in stride and hope for the best..I remember a radiator on my old firebird exploding, could have been awful, but the help of 3 random strangers, one of them being a welder, I was fixed and on may way on hours…but yeah, sometimes life’s too short to explode, but I still do

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    • Nice folks like that do a lot to restore faith in humanity. I usually mope or blow up before I get to my zen place, lol. But it’s taking less time to get there though these days.


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