Eeeeearly morning

Date: 10/21/21
Training Day: 37
Miles: 5.8 (20/40s)
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: Right about 40°F

How It Felt: The run felt surprisingly good even though I probably ran faster than I should have. The 20/40s weren’t all that fun though.

Commentary: This morning’s run was a wee long, so I had went to bed early and had my alarm set for 4am. Around 3:30am the TV woke me up, even with earplugs in. My super special husband fell asleep with the volume at an unreasonable level considering his wife was sleeping in the next room.

As one would expect, I got up in huff turned the TV off, and went upstairs mumbling angrily under my breath. I got dressed in my running clothes, did my PT exercises, grabbed my shit, and walked out the door at 4am — the time I should have been waking up.

A lady from the Idaho Falls Trail Runners gets up stupid early to run because of her work schedule. I feel her pain. None of the IFTR events ever start early enough for either of us to go. This morning we decided to run with each other on the Greenbelt.

I think it’s crazy that my performance condition went up when we picked up the pace at the end.

She got there before me to get more miles in. I arrived about 30 minutes before I expected since I got up 30 minutes early. I started my run, and right at the two mile mark when I was supposed to start the 20/40s, we met up.

The 20/40s were 20 seconds fast followed by a 40-second recovery — 12 fucking times! The ITFR lady runs faster than me, so the 40-second recovery wasn’t as slow as I would normally go. By the last one I was feeling it, but I had to do a legit running recovery because she was still going strong.

We did the next 2.5 miles at a quick pace, well, for me anyway. And although my heart rate was higher than I tend to keep it for “easy” running, the quick pace felt good.

By 5:15am we were done, and I didn’t have to meet my carpool until 6:25am. Since my Anytime Fitness membership hasn’t expired yet, I went there to stretch. When I got done a shower was open, so I even got a shower in!

PT was actually a lot tougher than I expected! I worked up quite a sweat. And it appears that the right side of my pelvis isn’t as tilted as it used to be. Things are looking up!

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