Hot springs, running and fishing

Date: 10/9/21
Training Day: 27
Miles: 6.4
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21
Weather: High 40s/low 50s

How It Felt: The wee bits of gradual elevation change and dirt road made this run feel more difficult than the ones I do on the paved path by the canal. But it still felt good!

Commentary: The hot springs group I’m part of had their semi-annual bash this weekend. It took place at a commercial resort in the middle of nowhere. Our group rented out the whole place.

My husband and I missed the spring bash because the cat was sick and miserable. But this time we made it out!

The view from our campsite at the hot springs.

Overall, I can’t say I’d go again. It seemed more like a typical high school party when someone’s parents were gone for the weekend. Lots of booze, tons of people, drunk people everywhere, loud music that wasn’t my style, and all other sorts of shenanigans.

I get why folks enjoy it – a weekend to run around naked, party and relax. But it’s just my scene. I did enjoy the morning soaks that were more quiet with fewer people. Still, it was a great weekend.

I absolutely love this guy and all the good times we have together!

My husband and I brought our campervan, and we just got the heater hooked up and running. Let me tell you, it is so much more enjoyable hanging out and sleeping in a warm van!

Saturday morning I went for my run, and the scenery made the run fucking amazing. Sure, it was more difficult that my usual runs, but man, looking at the river and foothills distracted me from the effort and distance. And I wasn’t even discouraged when my watch said my training was unproductive.

My first fish of the day.

When I got back we went for a soak, and then packed up the van to head down river and fish. One of my favorite activities is fishing with the hubster. We spent a good five hours fishing all along the river. I managed to land two, and my poor husband got skunked.

Today we enjoyed a morning soak before hitting the road. On the drive out I realized how much I missed adventures in the van. My goal is to take it out for more weekend adventures. Especially now that we have a heater!

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