Hiking with the hubby

Date: 10/3/21
Training Day: 20
Miles: 7 (hiking)
Shoes: Chacos
Weather: Wee chilly starting out, then warm and sunny

How It Felt: A leisurely hike with my husband felt so good. It was a great way to recover from the ride yesterday.

Commentary: My husband and I took are time getting ready. We rolled out of the house around 10:15am and headed to the same place I hiked at last weekend.

I asked friends for recommendations of other places to hike and fish, but because of low water levels, there weren’t many. Having just hiked past this creek a week ago, I knew it had plenty of water.

Our first fishing spot.

There were tons of cars already parked at the trailhead. Neither of us are a huge fan of lots of people out in nature, so we grumbled a bit as we started down the trail. After a couple of miles we came across what seemed like a good fishing spot.

I threw my line a few times, but I either gave it too much oomph or not enough. After I had to wade across the ice, cold creek to retrieve my lure from a branch for the second time, I sat on the bank and watched my husband fish.

The awesome fishing spot.

He wasn’t getting much action, so we packed up and headed down the trail. A side trail caught my eye, so we decided to check it out. The trail led to a beautiful spot next the creek that was easily big enough to be a campsite.

It didn’t take long before my husband landed a small brown trout. He could see bigger ones swimming around, and soon enough he caught a beauty.


We decided to keep him for lunch. At the last minute we packed a pan, olive oil and seasoning to fry up a fish for lunch in case we caught a keeper. Thank goodness we did!

I cooked up a cheddar broccoli rice side to go with the brown trout. Even though the flies would not leave us alone, lunch was absolutely perfect. The fish was delicious, the sun was toasty, and it felt so good to enjoy the day with my husband.

The sun was quite bright, lol.

After lunch he fished for a bit more, and then we hiked towards the lower lake. Before we got there we spotted a couple of horses were parked down the trail. I’m ridiculously allergic to horses, so we turned around instead of attempting to get around the horses.

We hit up a few more fishing with no luck. Back at the van we cracked open a couple of beers, ate some oatmeal cream pies and enjoyed the last of our adventure before heading home.

We also got square ice cream on the way home.

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